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We are very proud of the fact that we are run by 100% Volunteers.  We have zero paid staff.


Our volunteers provide an invaluable service by donating their time and talents to ensure that the birds under our care receive the best care possible and a second chance at freedom. When a call is received by our dispatcher, critical information is gathered about the location, type of bird, and health status. This information is then relayed to a rescue team member to catch and transport the bird to the center for evaluation, medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Volunteers receive hands-on training and experience working with the Coastal Bend’s native and migratory birds. In addition to our specially trained volunteers responsible for rescue, care and release of wild birds, we need help with incoming call support, assistance with fundraising activities, public appearances and the day-to-day operations and upkeep of our facilities and grounds. 

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For those interested in volunteering for bird care;  Please note it takes months or longer to become a handler and to perform intakes.  It looks like fun to handle our wild birds, but it is a position that requires training so that you and the birds don't receive injuries at your hand.   Time, patience and a strong commitment is necessary for these positions.


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