Sponsored Sign - Please Be Kind - Leave Nothing Behind


You can help remind fishermen to not leave lures and fishing line in the water by sponsoring a sign to be posted at the harbors and boat launch fish cleaning stations. 

Wings Rescue Center has rehabilitated numerous pelicans, herons, seagulls and other shore birds that have had lures and fishing line in beaks, wings and legs. This sign is made of aluminum and will have your name or business name listed on the bottom of the sign or for a memorial for a loved one. The cost is $75.00. Please help our shore birds.

Name or business name or “in memory of “ to be listed as sponsor:

Name: ________________________________________ ____________

Address: ________________________________________ ____________

Phone #: ________________________________________ ____________

Email: ________________________________________ ____________

Please include name or business name to be included on the sign. Please include phone number and email address.

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